Centralizing context 📄

Documentation isn’t sexy, but is necessary and Datalogz makes it easy.
How often do we find ourselves looking in despair for any sort of documentation that could help us understand the data that we are working with? The struggle is real!
Datalogz Overview Section gives you a high level summary into that assets usage and context across your organization.
  • Description: The asset description gives context into the table, dashboard, report etc...
  • Owners: The owners of that data asset would be visible in this section. Owners serve as a primary point of contact for anything related to this table, dashboard, or report. The owner usually makes sure that asset is up to date with all the relevant context.
  • Frequent User: The frequent user serves as a secondary point of contact for this data asset. This could be an SME or someone who has interacted with this asset in the past.
  • Tags: Tags help you find and bucket different assets across your org to help with discovery. The data assets shows all the tags which have been tagged against this asset.
  • Key Dates: That assets dates of first published / edited for everyone to know how up to date is that asset.
Datalogz makes documentation easy. Admins can easily edit/update column level descriptions with a single click. Help every user have the most up to date context available!
😎 Pro Tip: Make clear and short descriptions