Datalogz is built with security first approach and adheres to industry-leading standards while connecting and loading data from any of your data sources.

Web portal connectivity

  • All connections to Datalogz's web portal are encrypted by default using industry-standard cryptographic protocols (TLS 1.2+).
  • Any attempt to connect over an unencrypted channel (HTTP) is redirected to an encrypted channel (HTTPS).
  • To take advantage of HTTPS, your browser must support encryption protection (all versions of Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari).


  • Databases and API cloud applications - Datalogz only requires READ permissions.

Data Stored

  • SaaS (Datalogz Hosted) - Datalogz only reads schema information and metadata APIs, no actual data is stored, viewed, or loaded into Datalogz

Retention of customer data

All customer data, besides what is listed below, is removed from Datalogz's system within 24 hours using object lifecycle management. Datalogz retains subsets of a customer's data that are required to provide and maintain Datalogz's solution. This includes only:
  • Customer access credentials - Datalogz retains customer database credentials and SaaS OAuth tokens in order to securely and continuously extract data and troubleshoot customer issues. These credentials are stored securely using industry standard encryption.
  • Customer metadata - Datalogz retains metadata such as table and column names for each integration so that this information can be shown to your organization in Datalogz' user interface.

Azure Safeguard

Datalogz uses Azure for the (SaaS offering), physical and environmental security is handled entirely by Azure. Azure provides compliance and regulatory assurances, including SOC 1/2-3, PCI-DSS, and ISO27001.