Inviting Users

How to invite new users on Datalogz and manage their access

🙋‍♀️ Inviting an individual user

  • First Name: Name of the invited user
  • Last Name: Last Name of the invited user
  • Email Address: Email address user will be able to access your Datalogz environment with
  • Job Title: Role/Position of the user at your company
  • Select Role: Role determines permission levels within Datalogz (Admin, Default User)
    • Admin: Have access to add new users, manage integrations, and assign data assets owners
    • Default Users: Can view data, collaborate on data, and can only edit data asset information for tables they are the owner of
  • Select User Groups: User Group refers to the group of tables a user has access to

Bulk Uploading Users (via CSV)

Load in multiple users from a CSV
*Template available on Datalogz "Download CSV Template"
Each group in your CSV will create a new group which you can assign specific access control to determine which data assets are visible in Datalogz to this user
Select "choose file" to upload your CSV Bulk user file and click upload. All users will now have access to Datalogz and groups will be created. Users will not have access to specific tables until assigned.