Collaboration 101

Datalogz centralizes and creates transparency into work

Centralizing the conversation 💬

Datalogz helps teams easily collaborate and stay on the same page when tackling a problem. On each data asset and even on columns, you can start a chat thread to discuss issues, ask questions, and resolve issues quickly.
Don't forget you can link to any hyperlink such as a JIRA or Service Now ticket.
Our discussion feature has helped many data owners save countless hours of responding to repeating questions. The ability to centralize the knowledge base that used to live in people's inboxes significantly decreases the understanding curve for a particular table.
😎 Pro Tip: When responding to and resolving issues in the discussion make sure to be clear on where the solution sits and/or tag anyone that might know the answer

Introducing Code Templates

Eliminate redundant work across your data teams by leveraging Code Templates
# Hello Code Templates
Datalogz makes it easy for data teams to upload and leverage work like complex
queries and models that have already been built by other users across your
  • Description: General description of the work displayed.
  • Location Saved: Location of where does this work/analysis lives!
  • Additional Tables Used: This feature allows the users to tag any additional tables/resources that have been used by the owner of the work to shed light on any other user that might be unfamiliar with the work.
  • Notes: General notes that can be added by the users to provide any additional context that they might deem necessary