What's Datalogz ? 🔍

A self-service data platform that encourages collaboration while increasing efficiency and delivery on any data projects
Datalogz is a self-service data management platform that reduces time 🕰 spent on data discovery and fosters collaboration.
Datalogz is like a simple google search that pulls up every data asset across your org with context whether it’s a table, report or dashboard!
As easy as a google search
Whether you come from a technical background or not, Datalogz empowers all users, unlocks your data's true potential, and creates transparency into silo'd work.

Why we built Datalogz?

We believe Data analytics has become a shared responsibility across any organization. It is not just the data teams interacting with data, creating dashboards or reports it has trickled down to many business users as well. So we set out to build a one-stop-shop for all users to be able to understand and reproduce actionable business insights at a much faster pace!

💪 Empower your users from any background

"Analysts spend 80% of their time finding and prepping data, and only 20% on actual analysis." - Forbes
Our Founder and CEO Logan Havern worked as a Data Analyst at JetBlue a leading US airline and saw that many data teams already struggle with finding, understanding, and collaborating with their company's data. Pablo Lerdo COO and Co-Founder of Datalogz worked in FP&A and Business operations for a Fortune 7 company and saw the exact same chaos when it came to users outside of the data teams.
Our 📧 inbox used to look like this:
A lot of tribal knowledge was sitting on people's inbox, Microsoft teams, and private slack conversations. We saw a common issue with data assets sitting in silos.

🚀 Unlock your data's true potential

"Bad or incomplete data costs the average company $10 - $14 million per year." - Gartner
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